Family sessions ~

No matter the location is for your memories to be captured, whether it is outdoors, in a studio or at your home, there are some simple guidelines for what to wear.

~ Big, loud logos on T-shirts will nearly always overpower even the cutest subjects, keep it simple

~ There can be a big difference between 'a pleasing combination' and 'matching'

~ Busy patterns can look great, just not on everyone

~ Accessories can create different looks and moods, and are easily changeable

What to avoid:

~ anything that creases

~ too many different patterns

~ too much 'the same'

Maternity sessions ~

Similar to suggestions for Family sessions (above), with a couple of extra tips:

~ If you plan to have semi naked, or naked photos taken, wear loose fitting underwear prior to your session to avoid having marks on your skin

~ Nude coloured underwear will not show as much, unless that's the look you are after ;)

Birth sessions ~

So much planning is invested into a birth journey, soft lights and music set the mood you hope to create, but have you thought about what to wear ?

Obviously comfort is your 1st priority. Then practicality ~ think accessibility

Maybe take a minute to reflect on who may see your story, how 'covered' or not you might like to be when viewing your photographs now or in the future

A crop top and comfy skirt or sarong could be your greatest friends, whilst make-up may not (think panda eyes)

Be mindful that chipped polish on nails, which will be in a lot of your images, may be the only thing you see later

Your birth partner may have come straight from sleep, work, exercising etc, the inclusion of something for them in your birth bag could make you both more comfortable on the day much to think about...or ignore ! Just remember... it's your journey ~ your body ~ your choice x

Newborn sessions ~

~ The 1st and foremost priority is safety for precious little person(s). Some 'cute' baby poses are just not safe to attempt, even with a parent or assistant helping. Let's chat beforehand so we're on the same page

~ Next note of importance is that tea, coffee and a comfy lounge will be on hand. Sit back and relax !

~ Up to 2 weeks old is the best time to capture those sweet, sleepy (or awake) newborn images, but really, they're adorable at any stage aren't they ?

~ If you have something special or lovingly handmade for your little one, by all means bring it along to be incorporated into some images

~ If you have a specific colour palette in mind, please let me know beforehand

~ Most newborns cope better with a full tummy and when they are sleepy, some have colic and cannot be laid horizontally, however nobody knows your little person like you do. Feed or bathe before arriving, or not, don't stress, whatever works is good. If it is possible to to avoid a big, long sleep prior to the session, please do so, but again, no need to panic

~ To avoid imprints on that lovely soft skin, try to have baby in a loose fitting nappy and clothing for around 30 mins before your session

~ Brothers and sisters are most welcome, though perhaps at the beginning or end of the session would work better to keep baby, toddlers and parents as calm as possible. If you have older children, you will know the drill by now ~ bring drinks, snacks or whatever bribery works ;)

~ Finally, be prepared for the long haul, this may take a while. As you have probably worked out by now, new babies have their own agenda, and the easiest way to work with them is to be patient. Our session could take 2-4 hours depending on bub's mood. Once again, don't stress, there is no time limit, we can wait. Wide awake photos can be just as gorgeous as sleepy ones.